What are my personal Goals?

Setting goals is always a difficult task when it comes to diets and health as they generally end up being weight related. While a weight related goal can be fine (although a body fat goal is arguably more suitable), it isn’t the be all and end all.

Unfortunately, setting SMART goals for the majority of things health and diet related can also be a bit confusing to the beginner, especially one who is unwilling to get obsessive and nerdy about the whole process (which I highly recommend to anyone who is serious about achieving goals).

My own personal goals change with time, but as of the start of this blog they are the following:

  1. Establish the habit of eating under 30g sugar each day.
  2. Reach an average body weight of 160lbs (or higher if I am content with appearance in the mirror) and begin to bulk slowly.
  3. Commit to daily exercise for thirty days as of Monday 13th April.

These goals seem small at first glance, but will no means be easy due to the amount of changes which must be made in order to achieve them.

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