Why am I so obsessed with low sugar?

For my first ‘real’ blog post, I think it’s important to establish why I’m so anti-sugar; especially in this world of low-fat, high-sugar, with a few clear statements.

(This topic isn’t anything new in health-blogger circles, but I’m writing a lot of this for my own benefit as much as anybody else’s)

1. It’s addictive.

Like, seriously. It’s a drug. Fast food companies load their food with sugar so you come back and buy more. This sounds so tinfoil-hat and absurd, but it’s true.

I personally identify as a sugar addict, to quit processed, sugary foods and minimise my sugar intake is one of my goals. A few days ago I ate a small cake to please a child; on my way home I bought a bag of chocolates (650kcal) and ate them all. Looking back, the effect it had on my mind was nothing short of astounding.

Disturbingly, children are generally given sweets as a reward for being good, implementing the addiction cycle at an early age; food for thought.

2. It will make you ill.

I’m going to be honest, there are far too many links between high sugar intake and illness to link them all here. High sugar intake can be linked to colon cancerit causes diabetes and a whole host of other issues related to metabolic syndromeand it also causes heart disease.

And lets not forget how those nasty little bacteria and yeasts that plague your body just LOVE eating sugar!

3. It will make you fat.

A low-fat, high-sugar diet will make you fatter than a low-sugar, high-fat diet. I’d be reinventing the wheel droning on about this for too long, and I am far less qualified to talk about it than somebody like Mark Sisson or Robb Wolf, so I won’t be doing that right now.

It makes you a fat, sick, addict.

I’m willing to wager a large amount of money that the above doesn’t sound like the sort of person you want to be.

The sad truth is this is a lot of people, whether they realise it or not; ignorant of their own health and what they’re doing to their bodies. It’s an uncomfortable truth to learn for someone who grew up believing sugar was just bad for your teeth, but an important truth to make note of.

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