About Me

What to say?

My name is Eaton Goodthangs and I am trying to eat more good things. I’m also trying to go easy on the puns but you couldn’t possibly believe the struggle I had to come up with a blog name or a pseudonym to write under without resorting to terrible puns.

Okay, let’s rewind:

My name is (isn’t) Eaton and I’m in pretty poor shape. I’m around 50lbs lighter than I used to be, but I’m still unhealthy. I’m also pretty addicted to sugar.

I wish the latter was a joke, but it’s true.

I tried to quit, following the guidelines of a few blogs I’ve been lurking around recently, and lasted about two weeks the first try (with the second week being a serious detox). Stress came, and I relapsed.

This time I know what to expect and I have a blog to hold myself accountable. The aim of this blog is to keep me going, recording information I pick up along the way and holding me publicly accountable for my goal to kick a habit that’s damaging my health and wallet. If I can provide advice to help anyone along the way in their own journey then that’s even better.

Hope you enjoy reading my mindless babble.


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